Payment mechanism

payment methods offers a variety of payment methods, to ensure an easy and smooth buying experience for the buyer to make the online shopping experience enjoyable and approved by our store Sombymi, the exclusive agent for Korean care products , and we guarantee you to preserve the privacy and security of your data through advanced data encryption technology, so that does not keep your payment information.

Payment methods available for online shopping in the Some By Mi store:

  1.   Apple Pay
  2. Credit card
  3. Bezel
  4. tabby
  5. Bank transfer through bank accounts

  • Pay with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the payment systems available in Saudi Arabia, and you must follow the following instructions when choosing to pay with it:

  1. Make sure to add your card to the WALLER on your APPLE device.
  2. Make sure you are logged into ICLOUD.
  3. Easily add card data to the store, and shop with ease.
  4. Choose the desired product and add it to the shopping cart and click on the Apple Pay option to confirm the choice.
  5. Make sure your information is correct and then complete the payment process.
  6. Confirm the order to receive you as soon as possible.

  • Pay by credit card or mada card

At some by mi store, we provide you with a secure payment method using a credit card and mada card, so that you are guaranteed to protect your card data through automatic and easy-to-use electronic encryption technology, to ensure a safe shopping experience in our store, as we currently accept mada cards and visa-type credit cards Card, MasterCard, so that when paying, no additional fees are added to the buyer.

All you have to do is choose to pay by credit card or mada card as a payment method and press confirm the order.

  • Payment by TAPI

Tappy is a payment method that allows you to pay the value of purchases in monthly installments, providing you with the following features:

  1. From today, you can buy from our store in installments for 3 months or 6 months, or pay later after 14 days through Tappy.
  2. No interest or fees
  3. Accept any bank or credit card.
  4. Ease and speed of completing the purchase process.

  • Payment by bank transfer through bank accounts

By direct transfer to the bank account of the Some By Mi store

Development Bank

Account holder: Narsen Trading Est

Account No. 68201282730001

IBAN No. SA0805000068201282730001