Miracle patches to treat pills and effects

Treating inflammatory skin pimples and their effects

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patches to clean pills

Miracle patches to clean the effects of grains

Thin, translucent, and sticks firmly to treat blemishes and their scars

The appearance of acne, scars and inflamed pimples is very annoying, girls are confused to hide them in order to get a radiant look. Miracle patches are very thin and transparent. They treat and hide pimples so that they stick firmly on the pimples until they absorb liquid secretions from them and allow the skin to breathe and also protect the skin from bacterial infections new.

The effectiveness of the miracle patches:

grain cleaning

The pills and scars cleaning patches get rid of acne permanently by absorbing pus and protecting the skin from bacterial infection. It penetrates the grains and scars and works to dry the pus or the liquid substance in it and then eliminates it permanently.

It contains ingredients that significantly contribute to acne breakouts.

Miracle Plaster Natural Ingredients:

  • Green tea
  • BHA Natural Exfoliating Acids
  • hydrocolloid

Benefits of Some By Mi Miracle Patch:

Advantages of patches for cleaning pills and scars

  • Suitable for all skin types, especially those most prone to acne.
  • There are two sizes, one 10 mm and the other 12 mm
  • A clear patch with strong adhesion to the skin.
  • It absorbs liquid secretions and protects the pimples from inflammation.
  • It prevents the formation of scars and the effects of grains after treatment.
  • Water resistant and slim.
  • Made of sensitive skin friendly materials.

How to use

Wash the place where the scar is in a good way, then dry it gently, then remove the patch from the cover in it and put it on the scar from two to three times a day. The patch can be placed for several hours continuously or throughout the day in order to obtain better results.

Secret tip

Once finished, the tape is removed and disposed of well.


Category: patches to clean the effects of grains

Size: 18 patches

Barcode: 8809647390015

Country of Origin: South Korea

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